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Founded 17 years ago, SKEG has completed more than 3 000 projects for over 1 000 customers and has countless "firsts" under the belt. We are Africa's original and most trusted product development hot-shop.

We are a curious and passionate team of diverse subject matter experts with an unrivalled culture of learning. Pioneering and future focused, we are driven to make a real, positive impact.

We embody the continent's spirit, resilience and tenacity, and value honesty, integrity, authenticity and trust.

We take ideas in any form and discover their value differentiation, adding our technical and business/market input to create a viable business model. With three focused divisions, SKEG is the only company in South Africa that assists clients through the full product and business development lifecycles.

Our three pillars lay the foundation to succeed

Innovation Capital

Our technical and business advisory vehicle is specifically focused on increasing the likelihood that innovative ventures and/or projects will succeed.

  • Product Viability/Feasibility Assessments

  • Technical Due Diligence: Assists companies and/or investors to de-risk investment

  • Technical Roadmapping: Mapping the implementation of new developments

  • Discovery (10x) Workshops

  • Innovation Collab: A programme to educate and practically guide entrepreneurs through the journey of product development

  • Coaching and Mentoring

Product Development

The innovation engine room within SKEG. Within this vehicle, a product idea is matured through a proprietary process to a market-ready product offering.

  • End-to-End Phased Product Development

  • Multi-disciplinary Engineering and Design and Development Services

    • Systems, Electronic, Software, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

  • Prototyping

    • Engineering, Machining and Fabricating

    • Vacuum Casting, Vacuum Infusion, Vacuum Forming, Finishing, CNC Lathe, 5-Axis CNC Milling, 3D Printing etc.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance

  • Product Certification Management

Manufacturing and Operations

Focused on managing the product lifecycle from industrialisation, batch manufacturing to scaled manufacturing.

  • Industrialisation

  • Batch and Volume Manufacturing

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Field Services

  • Monitoring Services

  • Warranty Management

The SKEG Process From Ideation to Market

Our dynamic approach to product development converts your big ideas into fully resolved , sustainable, market-ready products across multiple industries.

Experimental Prototype
Alpha Prototype
Beta Prototype

Define user requirements based on feasible opportunities

Define system requirement to mitigate technical risks and unknowns

Define system requirements in a market representative product

User validation of requirements

Market launch and remain competitive

Every day at SKEG we solve the unsolvable, make the intangible tangible and bring seemingly impossible ideas to life. We are your crucial, invested partner - your success is our success.

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